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Lifelong Learning is a Competitive Advanage

Wealth Building with a Capital Accumulation Plan

Wealth Building with a Capital Accumulation Plan

Saving is the first step to creating a capital accumulation plan. Capital is the jet fuel you use for wealth building. Combine a capital accumulation plan with tax advantaged retirement accounts and alternative investments and you have just added plutonium to your wealth building efforts. Here is 4 step plan to begin building capital to create wealth.

Inflation Devours Wealth & Prosperity

Inflation is a hidden tax that devours wealth, and it is wholly preventable. Sadly, most people don’t know what inflation is and believe politicians when they say it is “greedy corporations” exploiting people. Ask yourself a simple question, where were all these “greedy corporations” 4 years ago before we had 41 year high inflation numbers? Understanding inflation is the first step in finding a way to minimize its impact on you.

The Money Outlaw Guide to Freelancing

One of the key points of my trifecta of a Money Outlaw lifestyle is entrepreneurship. I believe every person should be, first and foremost, an entrepreneur. The financial security, freedom, and wealth-building opportunities that come with owning your business are numerous. The easiest way to start entrepreneurship is freelancing. Here is my story and strategies I have used for the last 18 years.

Real Estate Investing Primer

Real estate investing, specifically, buying and holding property for the long term creates incredible wealth and return on investment. You will gain cash flow, appreciation, equity buildup, and tax savings. Mix in creative deal structuring and you have a potent asset class.

Lifelong Learning is a Competitive Advantage

Entrepreneurship and active alternative investing requires that you have a solid base of skills and knowledge to do well. I am an unbelievable advocate for lifelong learning, reading, learning new skills, and personal development. I don’t think there is anything you can invest in that will give you a greater rate of return.

How to Generate Multiple Streams of Income

One of the most alluring concepts in personal finance is the concept of multiple streams of income. The idea that you have several streams of income flowing into your bank account from a variety of diversified sources. If one stream dries up you have others that will take its place. Today having multiple streams of income is a survival skill.


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